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The sari is ever evolving. This six meter fabric gives tremendous scope for designers. Designers can be creative in color combinations. Designers can be creative in embroidery designs. Embroidered saris are designer saris, made using different types of fabrics and designs to make this ethnic Indian attire gorgeous. The embroidery is done by computerised machines and also by hand by skilled craftsmen known as karigars. The sari fabric is put on a frame and karigars using long needles stitch various embroidery materials like sequins, beads, kori, cut dana, stones etc to the sari. Generally embroidered saris are expensive and hand embroidered saris are more so. Care has to be taken while washing embroidered saris. It is advisable to have them dry cleaned. An Indian bride's favourite attire is a lehenga choli or an embroidered sari.
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