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Among all the saris, silk sari is the Queen. Especially in Southern India.

Silk saris are very grand saris. They give a look of royalty. In southern India, it is the favourite Bridal Attire. Silk saris are a status symbol in South India. This is often synonymous with the lifestyle and high choice. That is why pure silk saris never go out of demand. While wearing a sari itself speaks of the Indian culture and tradition, pure silk sari carries this tradition further and creates a class apart.

Silk saris come in many varieties of silk.
Pure silk saris come with the attractive designs, patterns and styles. It is also available in a variety of colors with extraordinary hand work of zari borders and motifs all over it to bring out the impressive beauty in it. Silk saris can be worn on various special occasions like weddings, parties, and festivals. Also there are collections of Bridal Pure Silk Saris in the market for the bride. Various sub-categories in silk saris like Benarasi silk, Butter silk, Cot silk, Crepe silk, Garhwal, Jamavar silk, Jamdani Silk, Kanchipuram silk, Orissa silk, Patola silk, Raw silk, samu silk and south silk are available all over the market and throughout the country. You just have to pick these out of the numerous options according to your choice and budget.

Pure silk saris have become very expensive and have almost gone out of the reach of common folks.

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